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Welcome to another day in hell
All the invisible pain that only I feel
Stumbling and weak I try to get out of my bed
My head is spinning around
My legs fail to keep me up
On my knees I cry in despair
Feeling as if I’m sailing a boat
Dizzy and sick, painful body…
Screaming inside like a maniac I am
But silent are my screams!
What have I become?
Giddy, hollow, numb, torturous…
Burning like flames I watch my private hell
There’s no use on crying for the pain won’t go away!
One more day of survival
Damn, I am so exhausted…
This fatigue in my body feels so heavy
Let me lay down for just one minute, two more minutes…
Can i close my eyes and born anew?
One more day in hell and it counts a week already
What have I become?
staggering and dizzy I keep walking
There’s so much I need to do so awake I must stay
Is that land that I see? I ought to leave this boat
This sickness is draining my energy
My body trembles, my chest burns and this vertigo aura spinning in my head
The shape of a ghost you see in me
My hollow eyes concealing the pain in my soul
One more day of survival in this cursed life
Needles and knives stabbing my weakened body
The silent cries I try to hold deep inside
I feel so wearied…
Like a ghost I walk, stumbling and crackling like glass my bones are
There’s a void in my head and see you I cannot
All this pain, this tiredness…
Invisible they say it is but too real for me
Anxiety and panic eats me alive for screaming I am
Broken I feel, dark thoughts embrace me
What have I become?
Just a shell of a body where pain lives..
If only I could show you my pain..
Dizzy and staggering I keep going
Crawling back to my bed of spines
Flames circling me…
I feel so tired so please let me close my eyes
For just one minute…

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