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merry-christmas-images-clip-art-merry-and-new-year-imageHello everybody, here I am again after a couple of months away. Today I am not here to talk about illness or depression, no… today I am here to remind you what the Christmas Spirit is!!
These days people think that Christmas is all about loads of food and presents however they always forget the actual meaning of the season which is SHARING, CARING!
It’s freaking awesome to have a feast on Christmas, a table surrounded by family and some friends. It’s even terrific to get loads of useless presents!! Then most of you just throw away the Christmas tree to the garbish the following day!! Shame on you!….

Well people, my Christmas is just like this: on the 1st December, no matter what, I set up all my decorations and in the end of the day I feel – well, I used to –  anxious to turn the Christmas tree lights on and there I stand in awe for some moments.For me, Christmas ends up on the 6th January, the Epiphany. 

1615506-bigthumbnailChristmas for me used to mean love, sharing, caring and be with our family and loved ones. An exchange of gifts is always nice of course but not the main reason of Christmas. I used to have that, many… many years ago… Today my Christmas is just my husband and I, all by ourselves. It used to be enough when we had friends who cared for us, when I used to be a healthy person and a happy one as well. I love to have my Christmas Eve’s dinner by candles light and by listening  some nice Xmas music in the background. In the past years it’s quite impossible to have a christmas meal without my neighbour’s dogs barking and without some hammering too, it kills the Spirit!

What saddens me the most is that when we had jobs and I had health, I had friends who used to call me on Xmas night for holidays greetings and for a good laugh, we used to exchange presents, we used to care about each other… Yet everything changed the moment there was no more money to buy presents!
For heavens sake, if a friend is ill, unemployed and hardly have money to buy food this should be the time for our supposed friends help us, after all Christmas is a season for sharing, for  giving , a season for love!


I have all my house decorated, our presents are a new pair of slippers for each other. There won’t be the delicious christmas sweets as in the past or much food, we won’t have friends to ring us or family that cares enough if we live or die but at least we will have each other, we will have our love, and if we cry by being alone we will be crying on each other arms!
I feel very ill and deeply sad but I do try to keep the real meaning of Christmas in my heart at all costs! For instance, I’m listening to my Xmas playlist favourites songs to make me feel a little bit better.

So, before I let you read / watch my Christmas video with my holiday greetings let me tell you this:

  • even though you have much today you might not have it tomorrow so share a little bit with those who have nothing;
  • give a smile to a homeless person because once they had a home like you;
  • buy some extra food and give it to some homeless people you see begging in the street and wish them a Merry Xmas;
  • if you have a relative or a friend in need, share some of your good fortune with them;
  • remember that some poor, homeless people were once people just like you with a job, a house and money, be kind on this Christmas;
  • last of all: don’t be a Scrooge!


With this I rest my case and despite feeling deeply depressed and crying by writing this I wish you all around the world a True, Meaningful, Happy Merry Christmas!


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