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I feel overwhelmed
I feel lost in this empty night
No more pain to feel
No more cheerfulness to share

Words don’t come out easily anymore
My eyes are dry
My soul is wrecked
My mind sail away adrift
No destination or aim

Out of this world I find myself
Searching for the lost haven
Looking for redemption that will never come…
Without feelings, hopeless and lonesome
I find myself in this dark world …

What’s right or wrong?
Where should I go?
Questions without an answer
Doubts filling my head,
Waiting for a miracle that will never happen ..

Life is full of losses
Life is sorrow and regret
Life is darkness and cold
Life is the eternal winter that awaits for the sunny morning …

I want to breathe and laugh
I want to dream and believe
Dance on the sky above us
Sing like the birds in spring time….

But gloomy is my universe
Lost in its infinity I am
No return path
Only darkness and hollowness
Grieving for happy days

Speechless I became
Unable to express my feelings
Numb and imprisoned in my own thoughts
A poet without a poem
A writer without words

Lost in self-pity
Amongst tears and scars
In a world where I do not belong
I try hard to keep the pace
Yet I feel misplaced

Dreaming awake
I close my eyes and I look deep in my heart
Seeking for an answer
Waiting for a signal
In this strange world where I do not belong !

P.S: After all these years I still feel the same, I am still waiting for a miracle or  a sign.

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Written on May, 2012