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I dedicate this poem to everybody ou there who suffers from a chronic illness, in my case Fibromyalgia.



One more week, one more day
Still there you are…
You came and you will never leave!
Killing me inside slowly
Taking away from me all hope…
Making me cry !!

The day becomes so dark when you come
Pain is unbearable each time
I crouch and I scream in silence
Tears marking the path
Loosing my freedom gradually…
forgetting who I used to be!

Pains all over my body
No mercy, no choice
It hurts so much …
I want to die,
I want to be invisible !…
You came and you stole everything from me!

Testing me every single day of my life
Ripping from me all my strength
Hurting me more and more
You brought darkness into my life….
Agony, despair,
Torture, torment
Aches, sorrow
Depression, grieving…

Stop the pain!
I want to say yes but you force to say no!
I want to smile yet you make me cry!
I want to strong instead you made me weak!
I want to be happy still my life is a living hell….

Will you ever leave me?
Will this pain ever reach to an end ?
I can’t endure with all this anymore …
So many pains, such loneliness…
Just driving me insane!


© Copyright 2016 Darklady. All rights reserved.
Written on October 04, 2011