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Empty, cold night
Scaring me to death…
Whispers in the dark,
Spirits from the depths
Following me, driving me insane!

Murmurs and wails
Maddening me!!
A freak I am in this world of madness!
All my delusions and desires
All my hopes and beliefs
Were ripped from my soul!…

Wake up, lost creature in the night!
Look at the dead water of the river …
Can you see what you are?
A failure…..

I am less than nothing!
I am darker than darkness itself!
I am sorrow and pain!
I am the whistle on the silent cold night…

Lost in this universe
A burden I became!
All this emptiness inside of me,
Burning me slowly!!…
All this loneliness,
This aching heart,
A wounded soul….

Voices in my head
Whispers filling the air…
I am so close to the cliff,
Just waiting for the dawn…

Darkness is by my side,
My only companion,
My only comfort on this empty, cold night !
Murmurs from the depths
Tormenting me, maddening me..
But I wait…
I wait but no rescue comes !

So blind I am in my pain
So deep is my sadness…
The cliff awaits for my call…
I want to jump with my arms wide open
I want to close my eyes and let myself go
The cliff awaits, yet it’s not time to go!!

© Copyright 2016 Darklady. All rights reserved.
Poem was written on October 23, 2011