I am so bored lately… The weather has been hot and humid which means that my fibromyalgia pains are really bad. Every time I try to go out for a walk it feels like as if each one of my legs weight a ton! I really hate this summer annoying weather!! I can’t go for a long walk while the weather is like this, unless temperatures drop a little bit and my muscle pains decrease no matter how much I try I can’t simply walk.

Where’s the rain? There’s heavy clouds in the sky but no rain at all. What a bummer… Can’t walk, there’s no flowers to photograph… Well I took a shot of dark clouds yesterday, at least I had two photos to share on Flickr 🙂


In the meantime I have been practising QiGong! I must say that even though exercises are for people with health problems, fibromyalgia and to the eldest they are not at all easy. I feel like a 70 year-old lady! My joints cracking all the time during QiGong exercises it’s not very comfortable.

To keep my mind busy and away from pain I have been reading and on tweeter… No, I am not a normal tweeper… I’m following some good photographers and artists… I also try to catch up with my horror books tweets and news.
Well today that’s all I have to say! Cheers