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Trying to fall asleep

I watch the hours passing by

Red numbers shinning in my bedside clock

As flames from hell burning my eyes!…


Long is the night

Creepy and scary

Like a black hole in my universe

Sucking all my life away

Freezing me to death!…


This cemetery that is my heart,

Full of skeletons and scars

Screams inside for deliverance …

Bleeding soul choking in its own blood!


Tears of despair flooding my eyes

Empty windows of a lost soul

Filled with darkness where nothing remains!


Trying to fall asleep

My head spins with painful thoughts

Just wishing I wasn’t here

Just waiting for an answer


Long and cold is my eternal night

A dark shadow haunts me in my dreams…

Is it my past? Is it my future?


The doors of hell open for me

Weeping and groans of suffering and sorrow

All around me,

An infinite world of punishment!…


Crying till there’s no more tears to be wiped

I dry to death

Standing alone I find myself even in twilight

Surrounded by wounded spirits

Masters of eternal darkness!…


Long is my night,

A hollow place where only I can see the red hellish numbers

Counting the time to the reaper to come and take me

Deep below to his deep well!…


Always forsaken and lonely

Always in suffering

But, blind eyes cannot see it

Hardened hearts don’t care


Sobbing and suffocating I am

A last effort to breath

A last attempted of survival,

Hopeless and forlorn!…


The blame is too heavy to carry

It hurts me over and over

Stabbing my soul and cutting it in bleeding bits!


Skeletons of my cemetery

Rising from depths to torture me!

A dim shade of light flickers in this haunted place

Yet my hurt yes can’t see it clearly…

Am I delusional? Am I dreaming? Am I dead?


The windows of my soul are shutting slowly

Clouds of shadows embrace me in this stormy night

Drowning myself in its coldness I dance with the dead!..


Weakly I start my crossing to the other side

Hypnotized and desensitized, I give in!

Sleepless and in grieve

I let myself go into this endless sorrow and loneliness!…


A torment is about to end

No forgiveness or redemption

No one to hold me, no one to rescue me…

Just an empty black hole that pulls me into a lifeless universe…