Invisible pain
Silent illness
It hurts deeply
It aches like burning fire inside
I want to run
I want to cry
I want to scream
But I have to be strong!

You’ve consumed all the best of me
I’ve lost all my goodness and desire
Your pain is killing me inside
Like a cancer spreading all over my body and mind…

Invisible illness that ruins my life…
You’ve taken my soul away!
No more smiles, no more laughs
Just pain …invisible pain…

I try to fight you
I work hard not to give in to you
Still you’ve already taken everything from me…
All that I was once I am no longer…
I am just a living corpse trying to survive!

Trying to hide my pain all the time
Breaks my defenses!
My days are unbearable
My nights are pain …

I am no more! I can’t find myself
I am just the result of you, invisible illness …
You! that kills me inside slowly each day…
You’ve stolen the best of me…

My love asks me where have I gone?
My love tells me he wants me back…
My love weeps for he cannot find my former self any more….

Invisible pain scratching my guts
Invisible pain darkening my soul and heart
I hate you for stealing my life….
I hate you for make me feel so alone…

No matter how hard I struggle
You’ll always be here with me
Day and night
Draining my energy
killing me bit by bit …

No one can see you
Nobody can feel you but myself
It aches so much
But no one else knows it …
No one will ever know what you do to me…

Invisible illness
Invisible pain
Taking control of my emotions
Changing all my goodness into evil
Ripping me inside
You take from me all my kindness and love…

You only kill and steal
You are like a wormhole
Sucking all hope and gaiety
Leaving me lost into your darkness
Without knowing what else to do to win this battle!

You’re darker than darkness itself
You harm deeper than harsh words
You make me cry despairingly
Your pain changed me… for worse!
I curse you invisible illness that only I can feel!


By Darklady