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Last Wednesday was a terrible day for me! 😦   Since I took all these days to come and write about it let me describe what is driving insane for a very long time now and making my illness getting worse.


So, today I woke up in a major stress due to noise. This situation is not new for me however it has been increasing a lot on the past years here where I live. I never liked loud sounds but after so many depressions and a nervous breakdown along with Fibromyalgia my sensibility to noise is too high and almost unbearable.

Noises like people talking out loud, dogs barking, loud music, works, cars, ambulances… and the list goes on and on! 😥  Noise  literally drives me insane, rises my levels of cortisol in blood which is making a lot of damage in my body and health, all this due to my high levels of stress, or chronic stress if you prefer!

So.. I woke up at the sound of the stupid dogs inside my building barking at 8 am like devils!!!Oh come on why don’t you shut the hell up??!!! barking all the time, stupid dogs!!!!

My pains are already increasing exponentially. I’m trying to relax in the shower – impossible! trying to have my breakfast for goodness sake! Yet, there’s more to drive me mad! Dogs barking all around.  Indoors and outside, cars passing by,  hammering sound from the works at a rooftop on the other side of the street. I have two kind of windows in my flat – on the inside it’s single window, then shutters and in the outside it’s a double glazed window, right? I had all this closed but even so the noise was so much that I could still hear.

After having finished my breakfast I took valerian pills to calm me down, however, I was so stressed already that my hands were shaking, my heart was beating fast, and I started feeling this numbness in my face… not good I can tell you!

I just plugged my headphones and turned the music on but the dog kept on barking for hours..  I wanted to shout and to ran away from here and never come back ever again to this place. The stupid dog shut up after my husband – who was driving insane as well –  put his head out of the window and yelled “shut the damn dog for once“. Amazingly, somehow, somebody on the 1st floor shushed the dog.

By this time I was feeling knives stabbing  my body everywhere. It aches so much. I was over breathing and I feeling desperate, I could feel a panic attack arising even though I knew I had to control it somehow. I start crying despairingly.

I wish I could run away from this living hell. I have no single day without noise, sometimes there are around ten dogs barking at the same time. My neighbours always talk so loud that I can understand what they are saying; there’s people awake all night long… the only way I have to be able to sleep is wearing earplugs, otherwise I think I would have had a stroke in consequence of the amount of excessive noise that exists where I live.

 I wish I could turn off the noise of the world. I require silence for my own sake and sanity. In the afternoon I went for a walk :). Stopped in Soares dos Reis Garden and whilst I was listening to music in my phone I started taking photos in order to relax and ease some of my pains. In this public Garden there’s this beautiful waterfall stepping down as you go outside the garden.I took a few shots and right there I made a gif of the gorgeous water font.

While I was sit on a bench I took the opportunity to enjoy the relaxing sound of smooth water falling down, watching the pigeons and seagulls having a bath in the water and flying from here to there or just passing by me as if they were in a catwalk :). I felt in peace with this scenery. I wish my life could be peaceful like this.



My pains are still unbearable, my body is still shivering from stress still for quite some time I felt good while enjoying of this fantastic view and listening to my favourite playlists of GTA 5 songs :). But time came when I had to return to home.. return to hell itself!

I just wonder how many people actually know which are the effects of long exposure to stress and noise…  consequences like these, for example:

  •  reading ability and long-term memory  damage
  • chronic stress and high levels of stress hormones (cortisol)
  • heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke
  • musculoskeletal problems
  • sleeping disorders
  • lower your immunity
  • hearing loss and damage
  • increase of headaches, fatigue, stomach ulcers, vertigo
  • impact on annoyance of long-term noise
  • increase risk of depression and psychological disorders, migraines, and even emotional stress.

There’s much more but all these effects I listed above in turn can cause more severe and chronic health issues later in life. Now, imagine my life with a chronic disease, depression, chronic stress being under extreme noise all the time… Imagine what’s doing to my poor health already. Let  me give you this advice: think twice before making constant noise to your neighbour. Respect others right to quiet and peace.