It has been a very long time since you passed away but even today I do miss you! You were my pet, my friend, my enemy, my rival, my “punching bag” in those bad days. I remember coming home from work, opening the door and see your happiness shining in those azure blue eyes of yours. Naughty you were, always destroying things for me to clean up afterwards… you knew you have done wrong so you looked at me with begging eyes “sorry, I was stressed out and had to destroy something..”.

You used to sit down by my side when I was cooking, my only company back then, the one who listened to my rage and frustration; I had to punish you so that you would understand that even you had rules to follow… There I was crying and stressed after work talking to my dog about my problems at work and scolding her for the mess she had done in my absence.

Some days I used to hate her because I felt jealous of the love that my husband used to give her, some others she was my lovely pet, the one who really knew me despite the punishment she knew that I loved her.

I regret so many things, especially not had been able to love her fully! Back then I was a little bit immature still and didn’t know how to hold dear those I loved. I learnt the worse way possible that life is short and people and pets do die. I didn’t have the time to ask you for forgiveness. I cried for months missing you so much! The house seemed so empty… no one to waiting for me when returning home after a long and hard day of work. just that empty place where it used to be your bed… I missed your company, your special look, your respect and love.

For me you weren’t just a dog, you were someone with thought and feelings! Your expressions used to tell me if you were scared, happy or angry at me. I can say now that you were probably the only true friend I ever had in my entire life! Your love was unconditional no matter what.

Wherever you are I hope that you know that deep down I loved you very much and I am really sorry for not having shown it as I should.

You are in my heart always!!