What a terrible night sleep I had last night, maybe it was due to the excitement from last night Final World Cup match! I don’t fancy football that much but I always watch both European Cup and World Cup. I wanted Netherlands to win the Cup but it was Germany in the end- which I preferred to Argentina – at least now I can say that Portugal lost to the champion!

 I woke up early this morning and went out with my husband for a walk. The weather has been bit hot for my taste and it’s not good for my FM pains either still there was a nice breeze which helped me to keep walking. 

So, as usual, I turned on my Runkeeper app, selected the walking activity and there I went. However today my husband and I were decided to take some nice photos. Sadly for me I have only my smartphone because I can’t afford to buy a camera for me at the moment. Well, anyway, at this time of the year in here, Porto, there are not much flowers left or blossoms in the trees because of the weather, nevertheless I always find out tiny flowers hidden in the middle of the grass, or some new summer blossoms, all I have to do is just focus my mind in the search of flowers to photograph.

I took more photos than I thought and since my RK app was running when I published my activity my friends there had a lot of photos to delight their eyes! Yes, I lost control and I didn’t take even more photos because my battery was running out, so … I took around 38 photos….!!! The best thing of it is that my friends on RK liked both my walk as well as my photos! Awesome 🙂

I must say that I wasn’t feeling that well  for a big walk for I have had excruciating pains during the whole weekend and it was hard to keep the pace but my husband wanted to cross the bridge to the other side – to Porto. My body was complaining already about so many pains and all I wanted was to, literally , throw myself to the ground and lie there. I told to myself that it was a few more photos and then we could return home.

This is my beautiful City, Porto, in Portugal. Amazing view from D.Luiz I Bridge. if you wish to see more photos just check my link on Flickr.

I never get enough of this awe-inspiring vista that is Porto , honestly a must visit City in Portugal.

PortoIt was getting late and my fatigue and pains increased too much so I decided it was about time to turn back while I was still able to walk. The return path was not easy… it was always up and up and the sun was burning my face despite the sunblock and  my head. I guess in was already hallucinating with water, oh my. 

Finally we got home and in the end we walked about 10 Km. I know I overdid it as usual but what can I do I really enjoy my walks especially when I find gorgeous flowers and I have terrific landscape to delight my eyes.

Not all days can be dark and depressed and like I wrote before it’s time for me to start doing the things I like or just new stuff, like this blog! I used to blog a lot in the past when still existed the Yahoo 360º Blog! It’s a shame that it was closed. I met so many nice people there and the few remaining friends that I have in UK and USA I met them there. Happy days!

I must say that now I’m paying the price for having pushed myself in the morning, tomorrow I might not be able to go out for a walk and in a while I will have to take a few anti-inflammatory pills and painkillers otherwise I won’t be able to lay down to sleep. Right now it’s being hard for me being sit in the chair so it’s time to finish writing.

Before I go I just wish you all a nice evening and enjoy this gorgeous photo, one of many that I took today.Red Rose